Alison Giffen

Director, Peacekeeping Program

Annie Shiel

Protection Innovation Fellow, US Program

Arome Ogijo Emmanuel

Sr. Country Operations Manager, Nigeria

Beatrice Godefroy

Director, Europe

Bulus Mungopark

Community Engagement Manager, Nigeria

Daniel R. Mahanty

Director, US Program

David Azutoru

Senior Training Advisor, Nigeria

Dixon Quenensse

Program Manager, Peacekeeping

Fawad Amin

Programs Officer, Afghanistan

Federico Borello

Executive Director

Hashim Wahdatyar

Sr. Program Manager, MENA & South Asia

Jacob Price

Program Officer, Africa

Jessica Ginther

Senior Director, Operations

Julius Nasamu Gaiya

Communication and Advocacy Program Officer, Nigeria

Kateryna Ihnatenko

Protection Officer, Ukraine

Lauren Spink

Senior Researcher, Peacekeeping

Lee Sutton

Senior Advisor, Monitoring & Evaluation

Liza Baran

Country Director, Ukraine

Luther Whiting

Development Manager, Governments and Foundations

Marc Linning

Senior Advisor, Protection

Megan Madeira

Development/Executive Associate

Mohammad Emal Aslami

Program Officer, Afghanistan

Mohammad Maqsoud Zamir

Program Associate, Afghanistan

Mohammad Shoaib Karimi

Program Associate, Community Engagement, Afghanistan

Mohammed Ali Esmail

Operations Manager, Yemen

Monica Zuraw

Associate, Communications

Mukhtar Hussain

Security Officer, Afghanistan

Musa Salmanu

Senior Military Advisor, Nigeria

Nadwa Al-Dawsari

Country Director, Yemen

Naseema Sadaat
Naseema Sadaat

Program Associate, Community Engagement, Afghanistan

Nasima Shafaq

Program Associate, Community Engagement

Natalie Sikorski

Program Officer, MENA

Nazifa Safie

Country Operations Manager, Afghanistan

Noémie Hailu

Program Manager, Africa

Oksana Kikot

Program Manager, Ukraine

Oleksandr Tertychka

Program Assistant, Ukraine

Patricia Martin

Senior Manager, Accounting/Finance

Rahimdad Aria

Program Associate, Community Engagement, Afghanistan

Sadam A. Al-Adwar

Program Officer, Yemen

Sahr Muhammedally

Director, MENA & South Asia

Samuli Harju

Advisor, United Nations

Sara Rosen

Officer, Operations

Sarem Ugoh

Researcher, Nigeria

Sean Maloney

Director, Development

Seán Smith

Mali Researcher, Peacekeeping

Sergii Doma

Senior Military Advisor, Ukraine

Shannon N. Green

Senior Director, Programs

Sue Pang

Manager, Operations (HQ)

Syed Muzaffar Shah

Country Director, Afghanistan

Talitha Yusuf

Safety and Security Officer, Nigeria

Theo Alexopoulos

Senior Manager, Global Safety and Security

Tom Sheperd

Senior Advisor, Military

Tunde Ojei

Country Director, Nigeria

Vianney Bisimwa

Regional Director, Sahel Program

Viola Giuliano

Central African Republic Researcher, Peacekeeping

William Meeker

Director, Africa Program