Program Manager, Nigeria

Community Engagement Officer, Yemen

Director, Peacekeeping Program

Senior Advisor, US Policy & Advocacy

Sr. Country Operations Manager, Nigeria

Program Associate, Afghanistan

Director, Europe

Community Engagement Manager, Nigeria

Training Officer, Nigeria

Democratic Republic of the Congo and South Sudan Researcher, Peacekeeping

Director, US Program

Senior Training Advisor, Nigeria

Senior Program Manager, Peacekeeping

Program Associate, Africa

Programs Officer, Afghanistan

Executive Director

Finance and Administration Officer, Sahel

Program Manager, Africa

Senior Director, Operations

UN and Peacekeeping Advisor

Communication and Advocacy Program Officer, Nigeria

Protection Officer, Ukraine

Community Engagement Officer, Nigeria

Senior Global Researcher

Senior Advisor, Monitoring & Evaluation

Country Director, Ukraine

Senior Advisor, Protection

Protection Officer, Ukraine

Associate, Development

Program Associate, Europe

Officer, Institutional Partnerships

Program Manager, Afghanistan

Program Associate, Afghanistan

Program Associate, Community Engagement, Afghanistan

Officer, Communications

Team Lead Senior Manager, Nigeria

Security Officer, Afghanistan

Naseema Sadaat

Program Associate, Community Engagement, Afghanistan

Program Associate, Community Engagement

Program Manager, MENA

Country Operations Manager, Afghanistan

Program Manager, Ukraine

Program Coordinator, Ukraine

Senior Manager, Accounting/Finance

Associate, Institutional Partnerships/Executive Assistant

Researcher, Afghanistan

Program Associate, Community Engagement, Afghanistan

Director, MENA & South Asia

Advisor, United Nations

Officer, Operations

Researcher, Nigeria

Mali Researcher, Peacekeeping

Senior Military Advisor, Ukraine

Senior Director, Programs

Monitoring & Evaluation, Nigeria

Security and Logistics Officer, Sahel

Senior Manager, Operations (HQ)

Country Director, Afghanistan

Safety and Security Officer, Nigeria

Senior Manager, Global Safety and Security

Non-Resident Senior Fellow

Regional Director, Sahel

Central African Republic Researcher, Peacekeeping

Senior Advisor, United Nations

Director, Africa Program

Communications Officer, Ukraine

Senior Manager, Business Development and Institutional Partnerships