thumbnail of MovingTowardMobilitySince taking over the helm of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS), the Special Representative to the Secretary-General (SRSG), David Shearer, has voiced his intention to build UNMISS into a mission capable of responding to protection threats in a more nimble, mobile, and proactive manner. The reality of peacekeeping is that mission resources—budgets, personnel, assets, and enablers—rarely match the wide range of tasks peacekeeping missions are mandated to perform or the number of protection threats spread across the countries where they are deployed. UNMISS itself has less than 17,000 troops and limited civilian staff deployed across a huge country. Adopting a more mobile and responsive approach to peacekeeping could therefore enhance UNMISS’s ability to achieve its mandated tasks. However, there are many obstacles to mobility in South Sudan, and UNMISS will need the support of the United Nations Secretariat and Member States to succeed.