In the face of conflict, information is more than just power – it’s a lifeline. In its latest report, titled “Information Access: A Self-Protection Shield for Civilians in Ukraine“, Center for Civilians in Conflict (CIVIC) delves into the heart of the Ukrainian conflict, revealing how access to information has become a vital tool for the survival of civilians caught in the crossfire.

This report provides a snapshot of the information needs of Ukrainians during the early months of the Russian invasion that began in February 2022. It uncovers the struggles of civilians as they navigate through gaps in critical information, conflicting reports, and misleading narratives.

From shelter locations and evacuation routes to the availability of food and medicine supplies, the report highlights the diverse information needs that are crucial for civilian self-protection. It underscores the significant risks civilians undertake to maintain access to these lifelines of information, often in the face of power outages and under the threat of occupation.

This report is more than just an analysis – it’s a call to action with robust recommendations for governments, donors, NGOs, and civilians themselves, and provides a roadmap to better meet these critical information needs. It emphasizes the need for regular reassessment of interventions, taking into account the evolving information landscape and the mental health concerns associated with the current information environment. In addition to being a testament to the resilience of civilians in the face of conflict, the report is also a beacon guiding the way towards more effective protection strategies. 

English version here / Ukrainian version here  




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