CIVIC is pleased to present a new series of briefing papers, each developed by an organization with whom we have partnered to shine a spotlight on protection issues in different parts of the world. The reports frame protection concerns, priorities, and recommendations in the way our partners think most important for our shared audiences to understand. In coming months, we will feature additional contributions from partners in Indonesia, as well as El Salvador, Mexico and beyond.

The first in the Spotlight series is a brief on the complexities of civilian protection in Indonesia by Dr. Vidhyandika Perkasa and Alif Satria of the Indonesian think tank, CSIS. The brief and the report from which it was drawn describes some of the main challenges relating to harm from the conduct of state forces and armed groups, and from violent attacks on religious minorities. The brief also provides an overview of some strategies communities have employed to protect themselves, and several recommendations for the Indonesian government to address protection concerns. This brief was informed by the CIVIC framework for evaluating state practice in the protection of civilians.

Summary: Civilian Protection in Indonesia’s Separatist and Religious Conflicts (forthcoming)

Main Report: Civilian Protection in Indonesia’s Separatist and Religious Conflicts 

CIVIC is pleased to partner with the local organizations featured here to shine a spotlight on protection concerns around the world. We support their efforts to advance the protection of civilians. The reports and summaries published here are produced by our partner with no or few editorial input from CIVIC. CIVIC has offered, and in some cases provided support with copy-editing and proposed edits to english language formulations, which are left to the discretion of the partner to accept or not. The views and characterizations in these reports do not necessarily reflect the institutional perspective of CIVIC.
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