Washington, DC (August 9, 2018) – In response to the Saudi-UAE-led coalition’s characterization of its airstrike that hit a bus full of schoolchildren as a “legitimate military action conducted in conformity with international humanitarian law,” Center for Civilians in Conflict (CIVIC) Executive Director Federico Borello issued the following statement:

“We are alarmed not only by the number of civilian deaths and injuries in Yemen, but by the apparent failure of the Saudi-UAE-led coalition (SLC) to understand its obligations under international humanitarian law to protect civilians and reduce civilian harm.

“We call on the SLC to swiftly undertake a thorough review of its policies and procedures, including those that resulted in the attack on a bus full of schoolchildren in Dahyan, Saada, in order to ensure conformity with international humanitarian law. Failure to address the shortcomings of current policies and procedures, as evidenced by recent civilian deaths and injuries and the SLC response thereto, risks further tragedy and makes a mockery of the internationally agreed-upon rules designed to protect civilian life and reduce civilian harm.”



Center for Civilians in Conflict (CIVIC)’s mission is to work with armed actors and civilians in conflict to develop and implement solutions to prevent, mitigate, and respond to civilian harm. Our vision is for a world where parties to armed conflicts recognize the dignity and rights of civilians, prevent civilian harm, protect civilians caught in conflict, and amend harm.

For more information, contact us at comms@civiliansinconflict.org.

Image courtesy of CIVIC
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