THE HAGUE, April 11, 2024As the armed conflict in Sudan enters its second year, Center for Civilians in Conflict (CIVIC) reiterates its call to parties to the conflict to abide by international law and for those responsible for the harm and endangerment of civilians to be held accountable. Concurrently, CIVIC urges members of the international community to act immediately to protect civilians by pressuring those involved in the conflict to limit the use of explosive weapons in populated areas and refrain, by all means necessary, from targeting civilians. Members of the international community should also take measures to stop the flow of weapons to the warring parties.  

“Since the conflict in Sudan broke out, civilians have been exposed to an appalling range of atrocities from politically-motivated and ethnic-based attacks and killings to rape and sexual violence, as well as widespread burning and looting of homes and civilian sites,” said Vianney Bisimwa, CIVIC Director for Africa and the Middle East. “Civilians across Sudan are not just ‘collateral damage,’ – they appear to be the intended target of armed groups.” 

Since the conflict began on April 15, 2023, parties to the conflict have repeatedly attacked civilians and civilian infrastructure and sites, such as hospitals, schools and camps for internally displaced persons. Furthermore, the conflict has created the world’s largest displacement crisis, with over nine million Sudanese civilians becoming internally displaced and nearly two million taking refuge in neighboring countries.  

CIVIC is resolute in urging all countries to fully respect the UN Security Council’s arms embargo on Darfur and refrain from sending weapons and ammunition to armed actors there. CIVIC also asks all foreign actors to refrain from financing or logistically supporting the warring parties. 

“The cycle of atrocities and harm to civilians in Sudan cannot be broken as long as impunity remains the rule,” warned Bisimwa. “Countries must take measures to promote justice and accountability in Sudan immediately.” 

CIVIC also calls for international donors to increase their financial support to the humanitarian response plan. At the end of March, only 5 per cent of the plan to respond to humanitarian needs in Sudan was funded. Nearly 25 million people require humanitarian aid, over 20 million are facing acute food insecurity, and 6.3 million are on the brink of famine.  



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Image courtesy of Tamil Guardian / Creative Commons License
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