Destroyed and melted civilian vehicles on the highway to Irpin, Ukraine. (April 3, 2022). Credit: CIVIC/Daniel Brown


Kyiv / The Hague, November 1, 2022 Center for Civilians in Conflict (CIVIC) urges Russia to stop its repeated attacks against critical infrastructure in Ukraine. As human suffering continues as a result of the war, CIVIC calls for all perpetrators of direct and indirect harm to civilians to be held accountable.

This week’s attacks carried out against infrastructure that civilians depend on to survive have interrupted power supplies in many regions of Ukraine, leaving an estimated 80 percent of Kyiv residents without water. Ukrainians have faced up to eight hours of daily power cuts, though that figure is projected to increase to 12 and further cuts are expected. As a result, people may need to start rationing water. Ukraine will require further and much quicker international support to repair the damage to its infrastructure before the winter.

Alexander Grif, CIVIC’s Ukraine Country Director, said: 

“Currently, there is not a single person in Kyiv who is not affected by these ongoing attacks on critical infrastructure. Instead of preparing for the winter, people are scrambling to stock up on basic supplies like water and food as they brace themselves for more power cuts.   We call on Russia to demonstrate how – if at all – it has accounted for what seems to be a disproportionate effect on civilians already suffering from daily power cuts. World leaders must do everything in their power to minimize harm to civilians affected by this conflict. Russia should demonstrate with verifiable and accessible evidence how their attacks abide by international humanitarian law, including principles of precaution and proportionality, or to cease them immediately.  Allowing a country to attack another country’s critical infrastructure without legal justification and consideration for the effects on the civilian population cannot become the new normal!  Our message is clear: all parties to the conflict have an obligation to protect civilians from harm and should take all possible measures to protect and spare civilian lives as well as civilian infrastructure.”


This press statement is also available in Ukrainian and Russian


For more information and media inquiries, please contact:  

In The Hague: Hajer Naili, Director of Communications:, + +1.917.889.5982 (WhatsApp) 


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