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Aden & The Hague, Friday 24 March, 2023 – As the conflict in Yemen enters its ninth year, reaching a new truce deal that paves the way to a long-lasting and inclusive peace process must be prioritized.  Center for Civilians in Conflict (CIVIC) calls on all parties to the conflict to lay down their weapons and not wait any longer to bring stability back to the country.  


Dina El-Mamoun, CIVIC’s Country Director in Yemen, said:

“There seems to be an opportunity for peace in Yemen following last year’s truce. However, the longer parties to the conflict wait to agree on another truce, the smaller this opportunity becomes. “Yemenis have had enough. They live with a sword of Damocles over their head, uncertain whether tomorrow there will be peace or a flare up in fighting. 

“Yemen is divided, devastated, and impoverished after eight years of conflict. Yemenis, living close to the frontlines, continuously live in fear and have been forced to flee their homes again and again. Most of the country relies on humanitarian aid and many struggle to make ends meet.

“Only a comprehensive political solution can bring an end to this conflict, one that frees Yemenis from violence and enables them to rebuild their country.

“The clock is ticking in Yemen. Yemenis need a way forward.”


Civilian protection in Yemen has been a major concern since the conflict escalated in 2015. The conflict has resulted in numerous civilian casualties, with shelling, missiles, explosive remnants of war, airstrikes, and other forms of violence affecting both civilians and civilian infrastructure, such as hospitals, schools, and markets. Given the dire situation in Yemen, the international community must continue providing support and assistance to the people of Yemen and support efforts to reach a peaceful and sustainable solution to the conflict.   


CIVIC in Yemen:

Center for Civilians in Conflict (CIVIC)  has been working in Yemen since 2018 to promote the protection of civilians and their rights in the midst of the ongoing conflict. CIVIC’s work in Yemen has focused on several areas, including advocating for the protection of civilians in the context of military operations, promoting accountability for violations of international humanitarian law, and supporting local civil society organizations and community leaders in their efforts to protect civilians and promote peace. 


Facts and Figures:


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Image courtesy of EU / Peter Biro
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