The United Nations program at CIVIC contributes to the adoption, implementation, and promotion of priority advocacy and policy objectives to strengthen the protection of civilians in armed conflict. We engage and partner with Member State delegations, the United Nations Secretariat, and NGOs and think tanks to advance the protection of civilians in country-specific situations, and as a thematic agenda. Together with Oxfam, CIVIC co-convenes the NGO Working Group on the Protection of Civilians in New York, which brings together major humanitarian, human rights, and peacebuilding organizations to discuss protection concerns.

The UN program works closely with CIVIC’s peacekeeping program. We engage with Member State delegations and the UN Secretariat around mission-specific issues in the Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Mali, and South Sudan, bringing CIVIC’s cutting-edge research and practical recommendations from the field to policy and decision-makers in New York. CIVIC also engages on broader peacekeeping reform issues, and conducts advocacy and policy engagement with the UN Secretariat, Security Council, and General Assembly committees, like the Fifth Committee and Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations, to promote more effective UN peacekeeping operations.

CIVIC’s UN program also engages in country- and region-specific advocacy, focusing on the protection of civilians in Afghanistan, Iraq, Nigeria and the Lake Chad Basin, the Sahel region, Ukraine, and Yemen. Through this engagement, we seek to ensure that Member State-led decision-making bodies, like the Security Council and General Assembly, prioritize the protection of civilians in their responses to these situations.

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