Peacekeeping: Qualitative Data Analysis Researcher

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About The Position

ORGANIZATION DESCRIPTION: Center for Civilians in Conflict is an international nonprofit with offices around the world working to improve protection for civilians caught in conflict zones. Our mission is to work with armed actors and civilians in conflict to develop and implement solutions to prevent, mitigate, and respond to civilian harm. We are advocates who believe that no civilian caught in conflict should be ignored, and advisors who provide practical solutions to preventing and responding to civilian harm. Learn more at

PEACEKEEPING PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: CIVIC conducts research to identify gaps, best practices, and lessons learned in providing effective protection to civilians through UN peacekeeping. This includes UN peacekeeping operations’ efforts to protect civilians from other armed actors and to reduce harm that peacekeeping operations may cause through their own operations. Based on this research, CIVIC undertakes advocacy with national and international stakeholders to address these gaps and institutionalize best practices. CIVIC also provides technical assistance to peacekeeping operations and other stakeholders to support them in developing and implementing protection of civilians policies, practices, and tools. In 2019, CIVIC will continue to focus its work on peacekeeping operations in four countries, Central African Republic (CAR), Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), South Sudan, and Mali. In addition, CIVIC’s peacekeeping program undertakes research and advocacy at the UN Secretariat and with UN Member States to advance broader peacekeeping reforms that are essential to the protection of civilians in conflict.

PROJECT DESCRIPTION: CIVIC’s Peacekeeping Program undertakes in-depth qualitative research which results in a significant amount of qualitative data, particularly from interviews. The Peacekeeping Program would like to explore how it can use qualitative data analysis (QDA) software to safely and effectively store, manage, and analyze the qualitative data it collects in the field. To this end, the Peacekeeping Program is leasing QDA software (likely MAXQDA) and recruiting a consultant to lead a pilot project that aims to explore the potential use and benefits of managing and analyzing CIVIC’s peacekeeping data in QDA software.             

Scope of Work

  • The consultant will work an initial 20 hours over a four-week period, with the possibility of extension through May 2019.
  • The consultant will work closely with CIVIC’s Peacekeeping Program Director, Senior Peacekeeping Researcher, Peacekeeping Program Manager, UN team, and Senior Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Advisor on consultancy tasks and products.
  • Depending on the length of the consultancy, the consultant will undertake some of the following tasks:
  1. Input a defined number of interview transcripts into the QDA software;
  2. Develop an initial codebook;
  3. Code and organize data in the QDA software;
  4. Clean and manage the data sets;
  5. Perform basic analysis of data;
  6. Develop initial quality control procedures, including the safe management of sensitive data;
  7. Complete a brief after action review on the pilot QDA project highlighting best practices and lessons learned; and
  8. Share knowledge of working with QDA software with Peacekeeping Program team members.

  • Deliverables
  • Entry and coding of an agreed number of transcripts into the QDA software;
  • An initial codebook for qualitative data analysis;
  • The completion of analysis that tests the use of the QDA software;
  • A short, written product presenting the conclusions of the data analysis tests; and
  • A write-up of the after-action review described above.


Required Qualifications

  • Proven experience conducting analyses of qualitative and quantitative data, particularly coding, using the most up-to-date analysis techniques and relevant qualitative and quantitative analytic software packages (MAXQDA or other);
  • Excellent attention to detail;
  • Proven ability to communicate clearly and succinctly in written products and meetings;
  • Ability to manage the project remotely; and
  • Undergraduate degree in the field of political science, international relations, law, anthropology, sociology, or related field.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Are pursuing or have completed graduate/PhD studies in social sciences with an emphasis on research methodology;
  • Fluency in French;
  • Familiarity with UN Peacekeeping operations, Protection of Civilians, and the country context of the DRC and/or South Sudan; and
  • Experience working with conflict-afflicted communities and individuals.


Compensation commensurate with experience. Consultancy fee will be paid following the review of consultant’s products and receipt of invoice for number of hours worked. Compensation review process includes:

a. Submission of agreed products to the Peacekeeping Program Director and Senior MEL Advisor for review and feedback;

b. Incorporation of feedback into the final products; and

c. Presentation of final products to the Peacekeeping Program team.

How to Apply: Applications should include a CV/resume and cover letter to:

Applications and supporting documents should be submitted in English. 

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