Sadam Al-Adwar is the Yemen Program Officer in Marib & Aljawf Governorates at Center for Civilians in Conflict. Sadam has been active in community development since 2007, by establishing a first youth association in his tribal area named: “Agyal Marib Association for Development ” which aims to empower youth through their meaningful participation in decision and policy-making processes to promote a healthy, democratic and peaceful society.  Prior to joining CIVIC, Mr. Sadam was working with different Local & International NGOs, and youth initiatives in Yemen, where he managed and mobilized more than 500 young people annually in different cities across the country. He has worked as a Projects & Activities Officer at Marib Dam Foundation for Social Development, a Field Coordinator at Resonate! Yemen, and as a Field Research Assistant at Mwatana Organization for Human Rights, where his work focused in investigating violations by all the sides to the armed Conflict, as well as documenting the violations of armed non-state actors. He brings extensive experience in Project Development, Training, Civil Society, Community Engagement, Humanitarian Aid, Conflict Management, Advocacy and Human Rights. He hold a BS in Computer Science, from the Islamia University of Bahawalpur, Pakistan under an Exchange Scholarship Program.