Phoebe Cherono is CIVIC’s Community Engagement Officer for our East Africa program. She is a people-oriented person who is passionate about community engagement and advocating for people’s rights and well-being.

Phoebe has 15 years of progressive experience in project management, planning, and implementation; advocacy and lobbying; community engagement, mobilization, and sensitization; child protection activities; recruitment and training; budgeting and procurement; conducting baseline and end line surveys; stakeholder engagement, networking, and linkage; and staff support and supervision.

Prior to joining CIVIC, she worked with various non-governmental organizations, including Empowering Lives International, Living Room International, and Academic Model Providing Access To Healthcare, Kenya.

She hold a Bachelor’s degree in Development Studies from Mount Kenya University and a Diploma in Social Work and Community Development from Kenya Institute of Social Work and Community Development. Phoebe is also a certified Social Worker registered with Kenya Medical Social Workers Association (KEMSWA).