Nearly eighty years after the end of World War II, the unthinkable prospect of conflict among the so-called great powers has once again become thinkable. And should that day come, no matter which path war takes, history tells us that civilians will be affected.

CIVIC invites you to experience our new “choose your own pathway” microsite, which allows users to explore the ways that variations on the outbreak and escalation of conflict among great powers could impact civilians. The site reflects a combination of conflict scenarios envisioned by conflict analysts and the media, and draws from recent and distant historical examples of the effects of war on civilians. It considers how wars in the future could create new dilemmas and risks for civilians — but also reminds the user that future wars could look in many ways like those of today and the distant past. The site is intended to provoke, inform, and involve the user in CIVIC’s goal of protecting civilians in conflict — while time still allows.

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