A UN peacekeeper on foot patrol in Dungu, a town in the extreme north of Oriental Province, near the border with South Sudan, stops to chat with local children. Image courtesy of MONUSCO/Sylvain Liechti

Look How We’ve Grown!

We’re so pleased to announce that today is the official launch of our new website! We’re extremely proud of the new site, and we hope you appreciate the clean, new experience and functionality, too. We approached the website relaunch with three main goals: Mobile first: More than half of CIVIC’s website traffic comes from mobile devices.…

Strengthening the protection of civilians: 2018-2020

Federico Borello, Executive Director of Center for Civilians in Conflict (CIVIC), today announced the creation of a new position, Senior Director, Policy & Advocacy, as the first step in the organization’s new three-year strategy focusing on innovation, program delivery, and evaluation aimed at better protecting more civilians in conflicts around the world. The new position…

US Week in Review – Oct 16, 2017

Coalition airstrikes intensified ahead of the final assault, with seventy-five strikes hitting Raqqa between October 7 and 8. Despite a decrease in Coalition airstrikes on October 9 with zero reported strikes and on October 10 with five reported strikes, intensified airstrikes on Raqqa continued on October 11. The Coalition’s air raids have taken a severe toll on civilians in Raqqa.

Sahr Muhammedally addresses a UN committee on explosive weapons in cities

CIVIC’s MENA Director Addresses UN Committee on Explosive Weapons in Cities

CIVIC’s Sahr Muhammedally delivered a statement from the International Network on Explosive Weapons to the UN General Assembly’s First Committee on International Security and Disarmament on Monday. Thank you for the opportunity to address the First Committee today on behalf of the International Network on Explosive Weapons (INEW). I will lay out our concerns over the…