Center for Civilians in Conflict (CIVIC) conducts research and advocacy on the protection of civilians through UN peacekeeping operations. Although CIVIC has long included gender as a cross-cutting issue in our work, over the last year, we have increased our focus on how UN peacekeeping missions are integrating gender in their efforts to protect civilians.

As a part of this research, CIVIC developed a chart tracking references to gender-related issues in UN Security Council resolutions that authorize the ongoing deployment of the UN peacekeeping operations in Central African Republic (MINUSCA), Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO), Mali (MINUSMA), and South Sudan (UNMISS). In total, the chart includes information from 25 mandates spanning five years (2015-October 2020).

The chart aims to provide UN Member States, UN personnel, peacekeeping experts, and other interested stakeholders with a quick reference guide to the location of gender-related language in these resolutions. The full UN Security Council resolutions are available on the UN website.

Specifically, the chart identifies references in the resolutions to:
• Sexual violence against women and children, rape, or gender-based violence;
• Justice and accountability, including language on monitoring, investigating, and reporting on sexual and gender-based violence and conflict-related sexual violence;
• UN peacekeeping mission Women Protection Advisers or Gender Advisers as well as gender-related UN Special Representatives and African Union Advisers;
• Gender mainstreaming and female participation and representation in political processes and elections;
• Mediation, reconciliation, and gender-sensitive community violence reduction (CVR) programs;
• The inclusion of women and children in disarmament, demobilization, and reintegration programs and in security sector reform;
• UN peacekeeping mission support to host-state governments, for example to increase the number of women in security forces and to raise awareness of issues of sexual and gender-based violence;
• UN policies against sexual exploitation and abuse (SEA);
• UN Security Council requests of the Secretary-General to report on a regular basis on gender-related issues to the Security Council; and
• Early warning and rapid response to risks of sexual and gender-based violence.

Find a PDF of the chart here.