BlogA UN peacekeeper on foot patrol in Dungu, a town in the extreme north of Oriental Province, near the border with South Sudan, stops to chat with local children. Image courtesy of MONUSCO/Sylvain Liechti

We’re so pleased to announce that today is the official launch of our new website!

We’re extremely proud of the new site, and we hope you appreciate the clean, new experience and functionality, too. We approached the website relaunch with three main goals:

  • Mobile first: More than half of CIVIC’s website traffic comes from mobile devices. Our old site, while functional, wasn’t optimized for mobile devices and was turning many people away. Our new site is designed from the ground up to be engaging and accessible from mobile devices. And our new online donation page allows you to make a donation while on the go.
  • Discoverable: Over the last 15 years, CIVIC has published a number of important and deeply researched reports. But on the old site, they were almost invisible. Now, we have our entire library of publicationsresearch reports, policy briefs, op-eds, and testimony—available for researchers and the general public to dive into and learn more about civilian protection issues. Want to find just the reports on, say, Iraq? You can do that, too, with handy filters that make drilling down to the content you want easy.
  • Greater visibility: We can’t make a difference if no one knows about us, and the new site is optimized for search engines, and social media sharing is baked into every post and report. So now, you can help us spread the word about how best to protect civilians and be part of the solution.

Six months in the making, Center for Civilians in Conflict (CIVIC) worked with the excellent folks at Diamond & Branch in San Diego to come up with a new design that is mobile first, discoverable, and encourages greater visibility for CIVIC and the protection of civilians. And I have to say, Diamond & Branch were a joy to work with, and Lindsay and Jaimie were responsive and open to feedback. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a website re-do.

If you have any comments or suggestions on how to make it even better, please send your comments to While we can’t promise to answer every email, we will read every one.

A new home is always exciting, and we’re so glad you’re willing to spend some time in ours.

Image courtesy of MONUSCO/Sylvain Liechti