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In December 2001, US forces were engaged in heavy bombing in the Paktia province, one of the last refuges of the Taliban. Many innocent civilians also lost their lives, including several family members of a man named Hazi Sharif, who shared his story with me. A rocket that was intended for a key Taliban spokesman instead tore through the side of Hazi’s house (see picture). The roof collapsed, trapping the many women and children of Hazi’s family who had taken shelter there. As other family members and neighbors rushed to rescue trapped family members from the rubble, a second bomb exploded, killing one mother and one 14-year-old girl, and injuring one elderly woman.

When the bombing finally stopped, and Hazi and his remaining family members were able to unearth the wreckage, they discovered that four members of Hazi’s family had lost their lives, and two were seriously injured. In the next post, I’ll share what happened to the family afterwards and how the ACAP program that Sarah mentioned in the last post was able to assist them.

Photo of Hazi Sharif’s wrecked house. Hazi Sharif holding it, one of his daughters in the background (top); Sister-in-law of Hazi Sharif, killed in Dec. 2001 bombing, Paktia province (bottom).

Feb 21

Feb 21

Image courtesy of CIVIC
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