As you know, CIVIC has a long history working in Afghanistan to get help to war victims. However, because of the rising cost of security it’s been hard to maintain an ‘on the ground’ presence there.This past fall, Harvard offered to CIVIC a fully-funded advocate to live in Afghanistan. Due to unforeseen complications on Harvard’s end, the fellowship will not start until June, placing the entire project in jeopardy unless we were able to secure extra funding (and fast!) to pay for it. Well… we found out yesterday we received a small grant that will allow us to take on this important initiative. In fact, this effort in Afghanistan to make sure war victims have the help they need is so important that we want you to be able to read about the progress in real time! We’ve set up this blog so you can see the work we do here at CIVIC as it is happening. You will be able to read how we work on the ground, here in Washington and on our other travels!

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Image courtesy of CIVIC