In a new report out today, the CIVIC documents civilian losses as the result of armed conflict and their consequences.

Since 2001, Pakistani military operations, US drone strikes, militant and terror attacks, and other forms of conflict-related violence have killed or injured thousands and displaced millions in northwest Pakistan.

The Center’s Christopher Rogers spent a year living in Pakistan and conducted 160 interviews with civilian victims, including in the northwest. The report provides an in-depth, firsthand account of civilian victims’ urgent needs—needs that receive too little attention from all parties involved. The Center argues that all parties—the US and Pakistani governments, the Pakistani military, and militant groups—have an obligation to recognize and redress civilian harm. The report also proposes specific measures for warring parties and their partners to finally acknowledge, dignify, and make amends for losses of civilians caught in the crossfire.

To attend an event with Christopher Rogers, click here: Events

Image courtesy of CIVIC
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