While the United States engages in peace talks with the Taliban, violence continues to harm civilians in Afghanistan. CIVIC’s Afghanistan Program Director, Syed Muzaffar Shah, has recently witnessed explosions in his home city of Kabul. The intra Afghan-Taliban talks must include protection of civilians in order to create lasting peace in Afganistan.

On September 2, 9:57 pm, I was sitting at home in Kabul, watching TOLO TV anchor Lutfullah Najafizad ask Zalmay Khalizad – the US Special Envoy to Afghanistan – questions about the US-Taliban peace agreement. Just as the interview wrapped up, I felt a tremor run through my apartment followed by a shattering explosion.

As a result of the ongoing conflict and frequent attacks in Kabul where I live with my family, most people can immediately tell you what type of explosion occurred based on the sound alone.

Read Muzzafar’s piece in Just Security.

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