Reflections on MSC 2024: Common Humanity, Common Future

Voices from Ukraine: Stories of Resilience Amidst Conflict

Ensuring Civilian Safety: The Vital Importance of Protection and Preparedness

Two Years On: Five Facts About the Ukraine-Russia War 

The Transfer & Use of Explosive Weapons in the Gaza War

Opinion: International humanitarian law should not be driven by politics

Disinformation Can Wreak Destruction: Why We Need Stronger Regulation of Online Platforms in the Wake of the Israel-Gaza War

Paris Peace Forum 2023: Stopping the war on the rules of war

For the Tinubu Administration, Prioritizing the Protection of Communities is Urgent

Two Years On: Advancing UN Security Council Resolution 2594 through the New Agenda for Peace

One Man’s Journey to Make Peace with ISIS Families Returning to Mosul

Protecting Civilians in Conflict – Hard Lessons

Nigeria Needs to Do More to Prevent & Respond to Conflict-Related Sexual Violence

How Free Press Contributes to Protecting Civilians in Conflict

Civilian Military Engagement Proves Successful in Northeast Nigeria

18 Years After Her Death, CIVIC’s Founder Marla Ruzicka Continues to Inspire

Solidarity Must Be Built On Inclusion: Reflections on Munich Security Conference 2023

Security Council Pushes for Reset of UNMISS Approach to Civilian Protection

20 Years After CIVIC’s Founding, Our Mission Remains Critical 

Lake Chad Basin: Civilian Protection Must Be at the Center of Stabilization Efforts

A Yazidi Family Left with Photographs of Slain Children

MONUSCO’s 2022 Mandate: Streamlined, But Missing Key Protection Language

Five Things You Should Know about Gender-Based Violence

Why the Timber Market Could Become A Conflict-Ridden Extractive Industry in The Future

Sending a Signal: How Reparations Can Lead To Accountability for Civilian Harm

Disinformation Harms Civilians in Conflict in More Ways Than You Thought

How A Congressional Commission Can Bring Justice for Victims of US-Caused Civilian Harm

UN Security Council Renews Peacekeeping Mission Mandate in Mali: What Has Changed

Conflict-Related Sexual Violence: 5 Things You Should Know

REGISTER NOW: Prioritizing Protection of Civilians and Inclusive National Ownership in Peacekeeping Transitions

International Negotiations to Reduce Civilian Impacts of Explosive Weapons in Populated Areas

In South Sudan, Protection Remains Top Priority for UN Peacekeepers

One Week In, Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Shows Alarming Trends in Civilians Harm

In Kyiv, Sound of Explosions Replaced Melody of Peace

Protection des Civils au Niger: Enjeu de Taille des Réponses Sécuritaires

Who’s looking out for the civilian casualties of a Ukraine war?

EVENT: Working Together to Improve Compliance with International Humanitarian Law

Event: National Implementation of Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflicts

Amid Civilian Harm Revelations, Defense Bill Takes Measured Steps on Oversight and Accountability

Ugandan and Congolese Troops Are Conducting Joint Operations: What Could that Mean for MONUSCO?

In South Sudan, Keep UN Peacekeepers Focused on Evolving Risks for Civilians

The UN risks a failed drawdown in Congo if it doesn’t listen to civilians

Transatlantic Dialogue Highlights Importance of Legislative Oversight over the Protection of Civilians

EVENT: Launch of Report on COVID-19 and the Protection of Civilians in Conflict-Affected States

Participants at Pan-African Workshop Demonstrate Commitment to Civilian Protection Through the “Niamey Communique”

Fundamental Rights Forum 2021: Private Security, Human Rights, and Covid-19

Humanitarian Crisis in Afghanistan Demands Urgent Action

How the UN Can Strengthen its Peacekeeping Mission in the Central African Republic Amid a Changed Conflict

Civil-Military Dialogues in Hranitne and Troitske Villages in Ukraine

Insight Into Biden’s Counterterrorism Thinking Suggests More of the Same

The UK’s Ranger Regiment: An opportunity

Reverberating Effects and International Law

CIVIC Accueillera Un Atelier Régional Panafricain Sur La Protection Des Civils (ARP-POC)

CIVIC to Host Pan-African Workshop on the Protection of Civilians (PAW-POC)

Ukraine must do more to protect civilians living close to the conflict contact line

Event: Peacekeeping Early Warning and Response Tracking Systems and the Protection of Civilians in Mali

Even a Short War Over Taiwan or the Baltics Would Be Devastating

Reference Guide: Tracking Protection of Civilians Through the NDAA

Protecting Civilians in Mali – More UN Peacekeepers Is Only Part of the Solution

Implementing International Humanitarian Law: Innovative Programming and Best Practices in the Age of COVID-19

The UN Budget Committee Adopts Peacekeeping Budgets and a New Tone on the Protection of Civilians

Training on Negotiations, Communication, and Dialogue Facilitation: Developing the Capacity of Civilians and CIMIC Officers to Engage in Productive Dialogue in Conflict-Affected Ukraine

Security Council Overcomes Division to Adopt a MINUSMA Mandate that Advances Protection of Civilians Language

Сivil-Military Dialogues: Improving the Protection of Civilians in eastern Ukraine

Event Summary: Emerging Practices in Effective Civilian Harm Mitigation

Member States Must Support Protection of Civilians During Peacekeeping Budget Negotiations Process that Is Rigged to Cut

A Legacy of Unrecognized Harm: DoD’s 2020 Civilian Casualties Report

Preparedness in urban operations: a commander’s planning checklist to protect civilians

26 Civil Society Organizations Call for Ambitious Action to Protect Civilians

New Report by the UN Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations (C-34) Advances and Limits the Protection of Civilians

US in Review – April 2

Counter-Terrorism Hangover or Legal Obligation? The Requirement to Protect Civilians In War

Civil Society Experts, Analysts, and MEPs in Europe and Africa Raise Concerns with the EU Adoption of the European Peace Facility (EPF)

The UN Security Council Approves a Streamlined Mandate for UNMISS that Prioritizes Protection of Civilians in South Sudan

Official Launch of the Civilian Casualties Identification, Tracking and Analysis Cell for G5 Sahel Joint Force Operations

Immediate Action is Needed to Strengthen MINUSCA’s Protection of Civilians in CAR

“They said ‘it’s your government to protect you.’ We said it was the government that killed us:” Civilian Perspectives on the Future of UNMISS

Give Local Civil Society a Say in U.S. Security Assistance

They have names: Accounting for harm to civilians in Iraq in Syria

Power Politics Obstructs Protection of Civilians in — and after — the Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict

Partnered Military Arrangements: A Virtual Roundtable

Toward A More Responsible US Arms Trade Policy: Recommendations for the Biden-Harris Administration

The Militarization of US Law Enforcement and Civilian Harm

Making Amends: A Guide to US Law and Policy on Post-Harm Amends

MONUSCO’s New Mandate: Protecting Civilians While Preparing for Transition

#WPS20 Event Summary: “We Have to Break the Silence Somehow:” Preventing Conflict-Related Sexual Violence through UN Peacekeeping

When exceptions become the rule, ‘forever wars’ result

Engaging Local Populations as Partners in UN Peacekeeping

What Does MINUSCA’s November 2020 Renewed Mandate Mean for the Protection of Civilians in the Central African Republic?

Civilians caught in Donbas conflict need government system to protect them

#WPS20: SEA, Gender Parity, and Protection of Civilians from CRSV—Competing Priorities?

Geneva Peace Week 2020: Towards a Stronger Civilian Dimension in Great Power Conflict

#WPS20: The Crucial Role of Female Officers in Eastern Ukraine

A Comprehensive Approach is Needed for the Protection of Civilians in Urban War

#WPS20: Language on Gender in Resolutions Authorizing UN Peacekeeping Operations

#WPS20: How Women’s Participation in Iraqi Security Forces Can Increase Civilian Safety

#WPS20: Improving Information-Sharing on Conflict-Related Sexual Violence through the UN Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Arrangements

#WPS20: The Power of Women Activists in Afghanistan

#WPS20: MONUSCO’s Action Plan against CRSV in Shabunda Territory

#WPS20: CIVIC Joins 550+ Organizations in Calling on the UN and Member States to Prioritize Women’s Participation and Fully Implement the WPS Agenda

#WPS20: Assessing the Effectiveness of Female Engagement Teams (FETs) in UN Peacekeeping Operations

The Way to Become Good Neighbors: Why and how civilians and the military need to better coexist in Eastern Ukraine

Why Schools Need Protection

A Losing Argument

Are those who seek to protect civilians in armed conflict helping to prolong our endless wars?

The UN Peacekeeping Mission in CAR Strengthens Community Engagement in Order to Better Protect Civilians from Ongoing Violence

Equipping peacekeepers with the structures, policies, and personnel to support technology

Member States Approve Responsible Peacekeeping Budgets But Deny Requests for Important Civilian Staff

MINUSMA has a new mandate, so what has changed? Part 2: Reporting Requirements

DOD’s New Ex Gratia Policy: What’s Right, What’s Wrong, and What’s Next

MINUSMA has a new mandate, so what has changed? Part 1: Recording the Response Rate

Turkish Airstrikes Kill Five Civilians and Hinder Recovery in Northern Iraq after ISIS

As UN Renews Peacekeeping in Mali, Civilian Protection Requires Ongoing Push for Air Assets

Peacekeepers in South Sudan are Helping Minimize Threats to Civilians through Dialogue at the Subnational and National Levels

Not Just a Numbers Game: Matching Peacekeeping Mandates with Adequate Resources Is Essential as the COVID-19 Pandemic Spreads

#Lead2Protect: CIVIC’s Peacekeeping Director on the Implementation of the Kigali Principles During POC Week Side Event

#Lead2Protect: Time to Move Beyond the Rhetoric of Protecting Civilians in Conflict

#Lead2Protect: CIVIC’s Executive Director Discusses the Importance of POC Week and Taking Leadership in the Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict

#Lead2Protect: 22 Civil Society Organizations Call for Urgent Action to Strengthen the Protection of Civilians in Conflict

Great Expectations: AFRICOM’s New Quarterly Report on Civilian Casualties

“When Will This All End?”: Voices from Civilians Living in Areas Affected by the Conflict in Eastern Ukraine

Linking Human Security and Health Security in the Age of COVID-19

In Light of Unpredictable Security Situation in South Sudan, the Security Council Wisely Opts for Limited Changes to UNMISS’s Mandate

Time to flip the script on congressional arms sales powers

Civil Society Guidance for a Model DoD Policy on Civilian Harm

Afghan civilians need far more than a week of reduced violence

Reduction of Civilian Harm in Afghanistan: A Way Forward

CIVIC and Over 60 Other Organizations Issue Joint Statement on New Landmine Policy



Over 45 Organizations in CAR Issue Joint Statement on MINUSCA’s Expanded Mandate

A Mandate for Gradual Transition and Strong Performance

EVENT SUMMARY: Beyond the Headlines: Redefining Responsibility in the Arms Trade

Making Human Rights a Condition for Arms Sales is Smart Foreign Policy

Backlash in Beni: Understanding Anger against the UN Peacekeeping Mission in the DRC

Mounting Evidence: Empirical Studies Show UN Peacekeeping Mission Presence May Reduce Violence Against Civilians

MINUSMA Urgently Needs More Air Assets to Protect Civilians

What Does MINUSCA’s Revised Mandate Mean for the Protection of Civilians in the Central African Republic?

NATO’s New “Human Security” Umbrella: An Opportunity for Better Civilian Protection?

Join CIVIC and IRSEM December 17th for “Placing the Protection of Civilians at the Heart of Military Operations” Event

Protecting the Protectors: Safeguarding Humanitarian and Medical Workers in Conflict Zones

Charting a Future for Peacekeeping in the Democratic Republic of Congo

#POC20: As UN’s First Protection of Civilians Resolution Turns 20, International Humanitarian Law Is More Than Ever Under Threat

#POC20: Twenty Years of Prioritizing the Protection of Civilians: September 1999 – UN Security Council Adopts First-Ever Resolution Focused on the Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflict

#POC20: Twenty Years of Prioritizing the Protection of Civilians: Marking the 20th Anniversary of Security Council Resolution 1265

Dropbox Presents: How CIVIC Honors the Legacy of Its Late Founder

More Good Than Harm: Why the EU Must Learn From Others’ Mistakes to Ensure Better Protection of Civilians through European Peace Facility (EPF) Activities

#GenderInConflict: Approaching Civilian Protection through a Gender-Sensitive Lens

Missed Deadlines, Difficult Compromises, Ongoing Divisions: Reviewing the Fifth Committee’s 2019 Session on Peacekeeping

How Can Peacekeeping Operations Strengthen Strategic Planning? The UN Mission in Mali May Have Answers

A Question of Life or Death: The Geneva Conventions Remain as Relevant Today as They Were Seventy Years Ago

What Does MINUSMA’s Revised Mandate Mean for the Protection of Civilians in Mali? Part 2: A More Detailed Approach to Mitigating Civilian Harm

What Does MINUSMA’s Revised Mandate Mean for the Protection of Civilians in Mali? Part 1: Prioritizing Protection

CIVIC and Partners Convene POC20 Policy Dialogue in New York

Being Caught in Conflict: To Stay or Go?

Two Years After Mosul’s Liberation, a City Rises From Ash

Time is Running Out for UN Peacekeeping Missions as Member States Haggle Over Budgets

A Promising Shift for Ukraine from Protection of Its Territory to Protection of Its People

#POC20 Series: Data on Performance Needed to Make UN Peacekeeping Budgets Right on the Money

CIVIC Speaks on Nigeria’s proposed Policy on Protection of Civilians and Civilian Harm Mitigation

#POC20 Series: Trends in the Protection of Civilians through UN Peacekeeping Operations

CIVIC Executive Director Addresses the United Nations Security Council at an Open Debate on the Protection of Civilians in Armed Conflicts

Twenty Years of Protecting Civilians through UN Peacekeeping Operations: Successes, Challenges, and New Frontiers

Sahr Muhammedally at the United Nations on Prioritizing the Protection of Civilians

#GenderInConflict: The Impact on Women of the Perception of Men in Conflict

Joint Statement: 22 NGOs Call for Urgent Action to Strengthen the Protection of Civilians in Conflict

US Week in Review – May 6

Protecting Civilians Still Matters in Great-Power Conflict

The Pentagon’s 2018 Civilian Casualties Report: What’s In It and What’s Next

#GenderInConflict: Raising a Child in a Conflict Zone

#GenderInConflict: Women As Rescuers

Remembering Marla Ruzicka: Fourteen Years Later, Her Bravery, Ambition, and Compassion Live On

US Week in Review – April 15

#GenderInConflict: Staffing Gender Posts to Strengthen Peacekeeping Missions

US Week in Review – April 8

Twenty Years of Prioritizing the Protection of Civilians: Painful Lessons from Rwanda Remain Relevant for UN Peacekeeping Operations Today

#GenderInConflict: A Comprehensive Approach to Integration of Gender Perspectives into the Security and Defense Sector of Ukraine

Costs of War Can’t Be Assessed Without Official Civilian Casualty Estimates

#GenderInConflict: How Women Experience Violence in Conflict

US Week in Review – March 25

A Challenge for Peacekeeping: Balancing Static Protection with Mobility in South Sudan

US Week in Review – March 18

US Week in Review – March 11

#GenderInConflict: Effective Protection Begins With Understanding

US Week in Review – March 4

The Unlikely Diplomat Bringing Yemen’s War Dead Home

The Pentagon’s Latest Report on Civilian Casualties Policy

Twenty Years of Prioritizing the Protection of Civilians: February 1999 – UN Security Council Convenes First-Ever Meeting Focused on Protecting Civilians in Conflict

US Week in Review – February 11

What to Make of the Pentagon’s Internal Civilian Casualties Review, and What Comes Next

In Coalition Ops, Civilian Protections Are Only As Strong as the Weakest Link

US Week in Review – January 28

US Week in Review – January 21

“What If He Were Innocent?:” Insight into CIVIC’s Engagement with the Nineveh Police

Where There’s Political Will, There’s a Way to Protect Civilians

US Week in Review – January 14

CIVIC Joins 16 NGOs Calling on French MPs to Help End the Suffering of Civilians in Yemen

US Week in Review – January 07

US Week in Review – December 17

“Action for Peacekeeping” Reform Comes Too Late for Civilians in the Central African Republic

#16Days to #OrangeTheWorld: Kemi’s Story (Part 3)

CIVIC Joins INTERCROSS THE PODCAST for Episode #59: The Protection of Civilians in Partnered Operations

How the “Arms Sales Oversight Act” Could Prevent American Arms from Contributing to the Next Overseas Crisis

#16Days to #OrangeTheWorld: Kemi’s Story (Part 2)

#16Days to #OrangeTheWorld: Kemi’s Story (Part 1)

“We Hope, But We Are Hopeless”

US Week in Review – November 27

Data-Driven Protection: Linking Threat Analysis to Planning in UN Peacekeeping Operations

CIVIC Joins the United Nations’ Call to “UNite to End Violence”

The Pentagon Put Someone in Charge of Its Civilian Casualty Policy. Now What?

US Week in Review – November 13

CIVIC to Participate in the 2018 Paris Peace Forum

US Week in Review – November 05

Protecting South Sudan’s Peacekeeping Mission from the Regional Actors who Brokered Peace

Protecting South Sudan’s Peacekeeping Mission from the Regional Actors who Brokered Peace

Dan Mahanty at CSIS on “The Protection of Civilians in US Partnered Operations”

Alison Giffen at the United Nations on “Delivering on Shared Commitments”

US Week in Review – October 23

Military Policies and Practices on the Use of Explosive Weapons in Populated Areas

“In the Arena” Podcast features CIVIC Sr. Director of Programs Shannon Green

World Food Day 2018: The Connection Between Conflict

US Week in Review – October 15

US Week in Review – October 09

CIVIC Executive Director Addresses the Pearson Global Forum

Breaking the Cycle of Violence in Conflict Starts with Protecting Civilians Caught Within It

In Communities

More Than “Victims:” How Civilians Can Protect Themselves Without Violence

US Week in Review – October 01, 2018

Many Problems with Forever War: Being Too Humane Is Not One of Them

CIVIC Executive Director Addresses a High-Level Event on the Protection of Civilians During the Opening of the UN General Assembly


On #PeaceDay – and Every Day – Civilians Must be a Priority

US Week in Review – September 18, 2018

US Week in Review – September 10, 2018

The Halls of Power

Protection of Civilians: Nigeria’s Moment to Join the League of Legends

A CIVIC Quick Reference Guide: US Law & Policy on the Use of Military Force and Lethal Operations – Part II (Partnered Operations)

William Meeker Discusses Nigeria’s Proposed National Policy on Protection of Civilians

US Week in Review – August 27, 2018

US Week in Review – August 21, 2018

US Week in Review – August 13, 2018

US Week in Review – August 07, 2018

US Week in Review – July 30, 2018

US Week in Review – July 23, 2018

A CIVIC Quick Reference Guide: US Law & Policy on the Use of Military Force and Lethal Operations – Part I (Counterterrorism)

US Week in Review – July 16, 2018

Robust Agreement over Global Fragility and Violence Reduction

US Week in Review – July 10, 2018

#15YEARSOFCIVIC: Fundraising Campaign

Five Reform Areas for Effective Peacekeeping Performance

US Week in Review – July 03, 2018

Protecting and Harming Civilians: Perceptions of the Civilian Joint Task Force in Northeast Nigeria

A Goal Worthy of Nigeria

US Week in Review – June 27, 2018

Keep Hearts, Minds Open to Displaced

Follow the Money: Financing UN Peacekeeping Operations

International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict: Sexual Violence is a Tactic of War

US Week in Review – June 18, 2018

The Department of Defense’s Report on Civilian Casualties: A Step Forward in Transparency?

“Protection Through Projection:” Can MONUSCO Maintain Innovative Community Engagement Practices Despite a Smaller Budget and Reduced Field Presence?

US Week in Review – June 07, 2018

Are Yemeni Forces and the Saudi-UAE Coalition Ready to Protect Civilians in Port Assault?

The International Day of the Child: The Need for Protection of Nigeria’s Next Generation

US Week in Review – May 30, 2018

“Taking Aim” – CIVIC Takes a Closer Look at the Global Arms Trade

Four Ways the United Nations Can Get #United4Civilians

Reducing the Human Costs of ‘By, With, and Through’

US Week in Review – May 07, 2018

US Week in Review – April 30, 2018

US Week in Review – April 23, 2018

US Week in Review – April 16, 2018

Remembering the Legacy of Marla Ruzicka

Op-Ed: Success Far From Certain – Secretary-General António Guterres Takes on the United Nations’ Systemic Weaknesses

From Words to Action on UN Peacekeeping Reform

US Week in Review – April 09, 2018

US Week in Review – March 28, 2018

US Week in Review – March 19, 2018

US Week in Review – March 12, 2018

CIVIC Releases Joint Statement on Reported Changes to US Policy on Use of Armed Drones and Other Lethal Force

US Week in Review – March 05, 2018

US Week in Review – Feb 26, 2018

US Week in Review – Feb 21, 2018

US Week in Review – Feb 13, 2018

Rebuilding Iraq: Assistance to Civilians Must Be Prioritized

Dan Mahanty at “With Great Power: Modifying US Arms Sales to Reduce Civilian Harm”

US Week in Review – Feb 07, 2018

Op-Ed: If We’re Going to Export More US Arms, Let’s Do It Smarter

US Week in Review – Jan 29, 2018

ABC Radio Australia: Any Country Selling Weapons Should Consider the Repercussions

US Week in Review – Jan 22, 2018

How to Stop US Weapons from Harming Civilians

US Week in Review – Jan 17, 2018

Op-Ed: The Human Cost of Cuts to the Peacekeeping Mission in Congo

US Week in Review – Jan 8, 2018

US Week in Review – Dec 18, 2017

Op-Ed: America Takes Turn for the Worse on Cluster Bombs

US Week in Review – Dec 11, 2017

US Week in Review – Dec 5, 2017

When Protecting Civilians, How Do You Measure the Unmeasurable?

US Week in Review – Nov 27, 2017

How Does Civilian Protection Fit Into the New Defense Bill?

After Mugabe, What’s Next for Zimbabwe’s Military?

US Week in Review – Nov 21, 2017

The NYT Story on Civilian Casualties Should be Required Reading in Pentagon

Alison Giffen Addresses 2017 Peacekeeping Defence Ministerial

Can More Peacekeepers Protect Civilians in the Central African Republic?

US Week in Review – Nov 14, 2017

CIVIC Signs Joint Letter on Yemen to US Secretary of State

CIVIC Signs Joint Statement to UN Security Council

US Week in Review – Nov 6, 2017

Intercross the Podcast: Episode #33 Policy and Peacekeeping in South Sudan with Trevor Keck and Lauren Spink

US Week in Review – Oct 31, 2017

Civilian Casualties Decrease in Afghanistan, But Troubling Trends Remain

Marla Keenan on Protection of Civilians in Security Assistance

Integrating civilian protection into Nigerian military policy and practice

We’re Loosening the Rules for Killing. This Won’t End Well.

Future Challenges to Respecting International Humanitarian Law

Look How We’ve Grown!

US Week in Review – Oct 24, 2017

Strengthening the protection of civilians: 2018-2020

US Week in Review – Oct 16, 2017

CIVIC’s MENA Director Addresses UN Committee on Explosive Weapons in Cities

US Week in Review – Oct 10, 2017

Should We Ignore Human Rights Violations for the Sake of International Cooperation?

US Week in Review – Sept 25, 2017

Can Anybody Win in the War Over Counting Civilian Casualties?

Op-Ed: Peacekeeping Under Trump Could Be Difficult With Less Resources

Intercross the Podcast: Episode #31 ‘When War Comes to Cities’

US Week in Review – Sept 11, 2017

US Week in Review – Sept 4, 2017

Why Trump’s New Afghanistan Plan Spells Danger for Civilians

Why Are More Civilians Dying in US Airstrikes on ISIS?

What Next for Civilian Protection and the US Government?

US Week in Review – Aug 7, 2017

The Hidden Harm: Acquired Disability During Conflict

CBS Radio Interview with Executive Director Federico Borello

Uncertainty Looms for Civilians in Mosul

Lessons From Mosul: How to Reduce Civilian Harm in Urban Warfare


US Program Weekly Update – July 6, 2017

Presidential Order on Civilian Casualties

How Can the International Community Engage in South Sudan’s National Dialogue? And Should It?

The Fall of the Caliphate in Mosul

US Program Weekly Update – June 29, 2017

MINUSMA, Malian Government Struggle with Growing Public Support for Armed Groups

Don’t Loosen the Rules on Civilian Casualties During Drone Strikes

US Program Update – June 23, 2017

Disquiet on the Eastern Front

An Open Letter to National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster: Strengthen, Don’t Weaken, Drone Standards

CIVIC MENA Director in Prestigious ICRC Journal: Learning from ISAF and AMISOM

Remembering a Friend and Ally of CIVIC: Photographer Chris Hondros

Escaping Mosul: Civilians’ Stories of Survival

Our Founder, Marla Ruzicka: Gone, but Never Forgotten

Three Years Gone: The Girls of Chibok

War in Transition: Counterterrorism and the Use of Force

As the US Threatens Cuts, UN Peacekeeping is Saving lives in the Central African Republic

The Importance of Protecting Civilians—Through Law, Strategy, and Tactics

Civilians Still in Raqqa are Still Civilians

A Conversation on the Conflict in Yemen

New Hires at CIVIC Sharpen Focus on Military Engagement and U.S. Government Advocacy

A Question of Accountability

What Next for UN Peacekeeping in South Sudan?

Waiting and Hoping Amid the Mosul Campaign

CIVIC’s Sahr Muhammedally on Mosul

Yemen’s Conflict Kills 13 Civilians Every Day

What is Aleppo? This is Aleppo.

NATO’s Civilian Protection Policy Has Some Work to Do

Final Agreement on Peace in Colombia, But True Peace Still A Long Way Off

The Coming Climate Wars

Peshmerga: ‘We must uphold our values and protect civilians in defeating Daesh’

After Release of US ‘Playbook,’ Many Unanswered Questions About Drones

Obama’s Executive Order on Civilian Protection: A Timeline

Expanding CIVIC’s Impact in Africa

Why Is The Executive Order On the Use of Force So Important for Civilians?

US: Civilian Protection ‘Fundamentally Consistent’ With National Interests

How Nigeria’s Air Campaign Against Boko Haram Could Backfire

The Real ‘Moral Revolution’ Needed in Warfare

Remembering Marla, 11 Years later

How Much For Your Child? Afghan Condolence Payments Draw Scrutiny

Opinion: Covert use of drones ultimately endangers US security

The Toll of Russian Air Strikes on Kafr Nboudha

Syrians Under Fire: The Islamic State group is far from the only threat that Syrian civilians face

Protection, Peacekeeping, and the Individualization of War

Lessons From Kunduz: The Next Steps in Preventing Civilian Casualties

What Civilians Themselves Say about Targeting and their Participation in Conflict

Saudi Arabia Must Prioritize Civilian Protection in its Yemen Operations

Just how many civilians have died in the West’s campaign against ISIS?

In Remembrance of Our Founder

IRIN | Is the Saudi war on Yemen legal?

Civilian Harm Persists Despite Robust UN Mandate in Eastern DRC

Prioritising protection of civilians in peacekeeping in the Central African Republic – ODI HPN

Afghanistan: Return to Hope

Marla Keenan Interviewed by Katherine Albrecht

No Safe Place in Gaza

Don’t Forget the Civilians in the Fight Against ISIS

Practices to Meet and Address the Emerging Challenges of Protecting Civilians in Peace Operations

The UN and Casualty Recording: Good Practice and the Need for Action

Civilian War Victims Receive Recognition in US Law

Aid for Drone Victims

Five Ways Obama Can Fix Drones Right Now

Civilians can benefit when the military learns from its mistakes

Infographics: Monetary Payments for Civilian Harm

Marla Ruzicka’s Heroism

Agreement on Chemical Weapons Alone Will Not End Suffering in Syria

Syria’s IDPs Flee Homes But Find No Safety

Will the U.S. Go Back to Training Mali’s Military?

Assisting Syrian War Victims

War/Photography: Images of Armed Conflict and Its Aftermath

In focus: Sarah Holewinski on her work at the Center for Civilians in Conflict | AOAV

Us Drone Strikes More Deadly to Afghan Civilians Than Manned Aircraft – Adviser

The 100 most influential people in the world of armed violence – AOAV

In Mali, Looting Steals Prospects for Peace

Mali’s Legendary Musicians Silenced by the Conflict: Super Onze

A Check on Lethal Aid to Syria

What to Do for Syrians While the World Debates

Help for Civilians Harmed in America’s Drone Wars

The Mali Crisis through Civilian Eyes: Hamidou’s Story

Ahmed’s Story: Revenge Will Tip Us Into Hell

What civilian casualties? Afghan forces’ implausible denials

Afghan governor details alleged abuse by U.S. special forces

Foreign Affairs Focus: Civilians in Conflict with Sarah Holewinski

Bring drones out of the shadows

Making Amends for Civilian Casualties in Afghanistan | UN Dispatch

Afghan forces handle civilian casualties poorly, report claims

Drones: An Outlier in a Transparent Presidency

Do Less Harm

BBC World Service – Newshour Special: Drones

Not Even the White House Knows the Drones’ Body Count

Syrian Rebels Accused of Tortures and Other War Crimes:

As Pentagon Reshapes Fighting Force, Civilian Casualties Need to be Considered | The Hill

Libya’s Abandoned Weapons Put Civilians at Risk: Report

Libya after Qaddafi is littered with massive amounts of abandoned deadly weapons

Safeguarding Libyan Civilians

Afghanistan’s war victims: Zalmay’s story

Voices from the Field: Who are Afghanistan’s War Victims?

Remembering Chris Hondros

Honoring Marla Ruzicka: One individual who changed war for many

What We Should All Want to Know about a Military Intervention for Syria

Fast Forward: What would an expedited transition mean for Afghan civilians?

Stop Playing the Blame Game: Ex Gratia Payments in the Fog of War

Reflections on a Partnership: Advancing Assistance for Civilian Victims of War

In Libya, a legacy up for debate

A Tale of Two Narratives in Afghanistan

Responding to harm in Somalia

An update from HQ

When it hits home

LIBYA: “Everyone would like to stay in his city.”

LIBYA:  Life in and outside of Sirte [Part 2]

LIBYA:  Life in and outside of Sirte [Part 1]

LIBYA:  Voices from Misrata [Part 3]

LIBYA:  Voices from Misrata, [Part 2]

LIBYA: Voices from Misrata [Part 1]

LIBYA:  “Where are our Human Rights?” [Part 2]

LIBYA:  What happened in Zlitan? [Part 1]

LIBYA:  The remnants of war

Post-Conflict Potter

AFGHANISTAN:  Civilians caught in the middle

GUEST BLOG: Afghanistan: A Soldier’s Perspective

LIBYA: Souheid’s story

HUFFINGTON POST: Driving Afghanistan: The Winding Road to an Afghan Takeover

One Minute Update: Libya

LIBYA: Harmed civilians need protection too

GUEST BLOG: Marla, CIVIC, and the idea that wouldn’t die

One Minute Update: Ft. Leavenworth, Military Training

One Minute Update: Afghanistan

PAKISTAN: Pakistani Politicians Agree: Make Amends to Victims of Conflict (The Huffington Post)

New Report Details War Victims’ Urgent Needs in Pakistan

SOMALIA: Civilians in the Crossfire

PAKISTAN: Job Wanted: Nine-year-old seeks full time employment to support family.

AFGHANISTAN:  Can a medal really save a life?

IRAQ: On the Road to Recovery By Way Of Amends

COLOMBIA: Victims: Forgotten in the Colombian Conflict

PAKISTAN: Victims Continue to Struggle in Jalozai

PAKISTAN: Civilian Victims of Terrorism in Pakistan

Faith Complex: Sarah Holewinski on Innocent Victims in Conflict

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AFGHANISTAN:  Who compensates those the Taliban hurts? (continued from below)

AFGHANISTAN: Who compensates those the Taliban hurts?

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FT. LEAVENWORTH:  Military Training

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Civilian Suffering in Pakistan

Filing Claims in Wardak (continued)

Filing Claims in Wardak (continued)

Filing Claims in Wardak

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GUEST BLOGGER: “Next time, I will not vote for Karzai; I will vote for my donkey” – Pt. 2

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GUEST BLOGGER: Grieving a Son in Kandahar – Part 1

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Mahdi’s Story

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Germany helping Afghans

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Disappearances, Pt. 2

Disappearances, pt 1

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