As CIVIC’s Senior Military Advisor, Jay brings more than 20 years of active duty military experience, with the last 15 years as an Army Judge Advocate. His areas of expertise include the Law of Armed Conflict, IHL/IHRL, and investigations. He has professional and personal experience in more than 50 countries.

Disquiet on the Eastern Front

The future of the conflict in Ukraine may be uncertain. But protecting civilians better—and doing so consistently and transparently—will help set the framework for a peaceful and secure future, whatever that may ultimately look like.

Civilians Still in Raqqa are Still Civilians

Civilians stay in war zones for all sorts of reasons: They may lack the resources to leave, or have no other place to go. They may be unwilling to leave vulnerable family members, may not want to leave their homes, or — most likely — they are not allowed to leave. There are 3,000 to 4,000 fighters in Raqqa, compared to 400,000 civilians.

Opinion: Covert use of drones ultimately endangers US security

The United States government has been using drones as a weaponized platform since at least February of 2002, when the Central Intelligence Agency launched a Hellfire missile from a Predator drone, killing neither Osama bin Laden—the presumed target—nor any militants, but rather four civilian men scouring an abandoned military base for scrap metal.  This intelligence failure was…