CIVIC In The News
  • Times of London: Blackwater founder Erik Prince awaits president’s call to privatise war in Afghanistan

    “The US shouldn’t forget that protecting civilians is in its national interest, but it probably doesn’t satisfy a profit motive.”

    Federico Borello
    Executive Director
  • Al Jazeera: UN peacekeepers call for support in CAR

    “Whatever steps the Council needs to take, there can be no delay in terms of supporting MINUSCA.”

    Evan Cinq-Mars
    United Nations Advisor
  • USA Today: Too many civilians died in Mosul. We need to protect them in Raqqa

    “The bottom line is that ISIS wants civilian deaths. The U.S. and its partners should know better and not give that to them.”

    Federico Borello
    Executive Director
  • The Intercept: The U.S. Has Ramped Up Airstrikes Against ISIS in Raqqa, and Syrian Civilians Are Paying the Price

    “You have to operate under the assumption that there are civilians everywhere in the city, especially in an operation where the ultimate goal is to liberate these civilians from ISIS.”

    Jay Morse
    Senior Military Advisor
  • Wall Street Journal: U.S. Says Airstrikes Aimed at Terrorists Outside Combat Zones Killed as Many as 116 Civilians in 7 Years

    “The numbers reported by the White House today simply don’t add up.”

    Federico Borello
    Executive Director
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