Civilian Protection in the Current Mosul Campaign

Children carry food rations distributed by aid groups in Jeddah displacement camp, Qayyarah, Iraq. (EU/ECHO/Peter Biro)


In late January, Iraqi Security Forces (ISF), supported by a US-led coalition, retook eastern Mosul from the Islamic State (ISIS). After a three-week pause, ISF is now engaged in operations to retake western Mosul. The area’s old buildings, narrow streets, and dense population of 750,000-800,000 will make the task difficult and places civilian men, women, and children at risk. CIVIC's MENA Director and Program Officer travelled to eastern Mosul in February and met with civilians, humanitarian organizations, Iraqi and Kurdish government and security officials, as well as select coalition members currently in Iraq. CIVIC has now issued a Policy Brief on Civilian Protection in the Current Mosul Campaign, which assesses progress and challenges to protecting civilians and stabilizing Iraq after the defeat of ISIS in Mosul, and also offers recommendations.



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