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Press Releases

Board Welcomes Diplomat and Human Rights Advocate

Published 03 Jun 2016

Peacekeeping Expert Joins CIVIC’s Board

Published 25 May 2016

CIVIC Welcomes Expansion of Kigali Principles

Published 12 May 2016

Kunduz Bombing: ‘It Didn’t Have to Happen’

Published 29 Apr 2016

CIVIC to Testify on South Sudan Before House Africa & Global Human Rights Subcommittee

Published 26 Apr 2016

In the News

How Much For Your Child? Afghan Condolence Payments Draw Scrutiny


Published 09 Apr 2016

Opinion: Covert use of drones ultimately endangers US security

The Hill

Published 04 Mar 2016

The Toll of Russian Air Strikes on Kafr Nboudha

Atlantic Council, Syria Source

Published 12 Jan 2016

Syrians Under Fire: The Islamic State group is far from the only threat that Syrian civilians face

US News & World Report

Published 22 Dec 2015

Lessons From Kunduz: The Next Steps in Preventing Civilian Casualties

Published 14 Oct 2015