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US Must Urge Saudi-led Coalition to Adopt Civilian Protection Measures in Yemen

Published 03 Sep 2015

Un Nouveau Rapport Examine Les Besoins, Les Attentes Et Les Craintes De La Population Civile Au Mali

Published 06 Aug 2015

The UN Security Council Must Do More to End Attacks on Civilians in Syria

Published 26 Jun 2015

UN Security Council Should Take Immediate Action Against Indiscriminate Attacks in Syria

Published 22 Jun 2015

Joint Letter to President Obama on Public Acknowledgement and Investigations of “Targeted Killings”

Published 13 May 2015

In the News

What Civilians Themselves Say about Targeting and their Participation in Conflict

Published 21 May 2015

Saudi Arabia Must Prioritize Civilian Protection in its Yemen Operations

Defense One

Published 26 Apr 2015

Just How Many Civilians Have Died in the West’s Campaign Against ISIS?

The Week Magazine from Global Post

Published 23 Apr 2015

Is the Saudi War on Yemen Legal?


Published 03 Apr 2015

Prioritizing Protection of Civilians in Peacekeeping in the Central African Republic

Humanitarian Exchange

Published 16 Sep 2014