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Latest Reports & Briefs

Recommendations on Civilian Protection Measures in Yemen
03 September 2015  |  Policy Brief

Protection of Civilians by the UN Peacekeeping Mission in South Sudan
03 September 2015  |  Briefing Paper

Iraq: Learning Civilian Protection the Hard Way
29 July 2015  |  Journal Article

Ex-gratia Payments in Afghanistan
12 May 2015  |  Policy Brief

Fending for Ourselves: The Civilian Impact of Mali’s Three-Year Conflict
11 May 2015  |  Research Report

The People’s Perspectives: Civilian Involvement in Armed Conflict
11 May 2015  |  Research Report


Latest Press Releases

The UN Security Council Must do More to End Attacks on Civilians in Syria  |  26 June 2015

UN Security Council Should Take Immediate Action Against Indiscriminate Attacks in Syria  |  22 June 2015

Joint Letter to President Obama on Public Acknowledgement and Investigations of "Targeted Killings"  |  13 May 2015

Eighty-Three Precent of Syria's Lights Extinguished After Four Years of Crisis  |  12 March 2015

CIVIC Remarks at SOCOM Legal Conference  |  27 February 2015