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Latest publications

Civilian Harm Tracking: Analysis of ISAF Efforts in Afghanistan
19 May 2014  |  Research Report

Monetary Payments for Civilian Harm in International and National Practice
02 October 2013  |  Research Report

Assistance Overdue: Ongoing Needs of Civilian Victims of Nepal’s Armed Conflict
26 September 2013  |  Research Report

Syria: Civilian Harm and Assistance
16 September 2013  |  Policy Brief

Backgrounder: Tracking Civilian Harm
12 August 2013  |  Policy Brief

Changing of the Guard: Civilian Protection for an Evolving Military
20 June 2013  |  Policy Brief

Latest Press Releases

Afghanistan: NATO Must Fully Respond to Alleged Civilian Harm from Airstrike Near Jalalabad
08 October 2013

Nepali War Victims Need Long-Term, Expanded Assistance
26 September 2013

Syria Must Allow UN Access to Areas of Possible Chemical Weapons Use
22 August 2013

Syrian Transition Roadmap Must Include Sustainable Assistance to War Victims
14 August 2013