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Latest Reports & Briefs

The Primacy of Protection: Delivering on the MINUSCA Mandate in the Central African Republic
5 April 2017 | Research Report

Policy Brief on Civilian Protection in the Current Mosul Campaign
27 February 2017 | Policy Brief

From Mandate to Mission: Mitigating Civilian Harm in UN Peacekeeping Operations in the DRC
17 January 2017 | Research Report

'We Lived Days in Hell': Civilian Perspectives of the Conflict in Yemen
 10 January 2017

‘We Are Afraid of Silence’: Protecting Civilians in the Donbass Region
30 November 2016 | Research Report

Operationalizing Protection of Civilians in NATO Operations
30 November 2015  |  Journal Article

Within and Beyond the Gates: The Protection of Civilians by the UN Mission in South Sudan
07 October 2015  |  Research Report

"When We Can’t See the Enemy, Civilians Become the Enemy": Living Through Nigeria’s Six-Year Insurgency
07 October 2015  |  Research Report

Recommendations on Civilian Protection Measures in Yemen
03 September 2015  |  Policy Brief

Protection of Civilians by the UN Peacekeeping Mission in South Sudan
03 September 2015  |  Briefing Paper

Iraq: Learning Civilian Protection the Hard Way
29 July 2015  |  Journal Article


Latest Press Releases

Ukraine: A Lasting Peace Requires Caring for Civilians | 1 Dec 2016

Syria Cessation of Hostilities Welcome: Humanitarian Aid Desperately Needed | 16 Sept 2016

CIVIC Announces New Board Leadership | 12 Sept 2016

An Open Letter To UNSC: Immediate South Sudan Arms Embargo Needed | 21 July 2016

CIVIC ‘Very Concerned’ Over Allegations of US Killing Civilians in Syria | 19 July 2016

NATO’s New Protection of Civilians Policy: ‘A Strong Foundation’ | 11 July 2016

CIVIC on Drone Strike Casualties: ‘The numbers simply don’t add up’ | 1 July 2016

CIVIC on Executive Order: ‘Swift Implementation Needed’ | 1 July 2016

Board Welcomes Diplomat and Human Rights Advocate | 3 June 2016

Peacekeeping Expert Joins CIVIC's Board | 24 May 2016

CIVIC Welcomes Expansion of Kigali Principles | 12 May 2016

Kunduz Bombing: ‘It Didn’t Have to Happen’ | 29 April 2016

CIVIC to Testify on South Sudan Before House Africa & Global Human Rights Subcommittee | 26 April 2016

South Sudan: Displaced Persons Camp Targeted, Soldiers Involved | 22 April 2016

Center for Civilians in Conflict Condemns Kabul Attack | 19 April 2016

CIVIC Statement on US Airstrike Kunduz  |  05 October 2015

US Must Urge Saudi-led Coalition to Adopt Civilian Protection Measures in Yemen  |  03 September 2015

Un Nouveau Rapport Examine Les Besoins, Les Attentes Et Les Craintes De La Population Civile Au Mali  |  06 August 2015

The UN Security Council Must do More to End Attacks on Civilians in Syria  |  26 June 2015

UN Security Council Should Take Immediate Action Against Indiscriminate Attacks in Syria  |  22 June 2015