Research on Civilian Harm

At CIVIC, we are changing what happens on the ground for civilians in war through documenting the civilian cost, crafting pragmatic policy solutions, and encouraging decision makers to prioritize civilian protection and dignity.  

We conduct interviews with those affected by conflict around the world, amplifying their voices with militaries, policymakers, and the public. We research issues important to civilians caught in armed conflict and document incidents of civilian harm. We then use our findings to advocate to those in power for better civilian protection and assistance. Often policymakers don't hear directly from civilians about the impact of conflict; they hear from CIVIC.

CIVIC recently released People’s Perspectives: Civilian Involvement in Armed Conflict, a report based on 250 interviews with individuals who have lived through conflict in Bosnia, Gaza, Libya, and Somalia. In 2015 we also published a report reflecting challenges in protection in Mali, Fending for Ourselves: The Civilian Impact of Mali’s Three-Year Conflict.

We conduct research and document civilian voices all over the world. Our reports range from policy briefs to in-depth research and analysis and can be found in full on our resources page as well as in website sections on individual country work.