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'We Lived Days in Hell': Civilian Perspectives of the Conflict in Yemen
10 January 2017 | Research Report
“We lived in Days in Hell” documents patterns of civilian harm in Aden, Hadramout, Mareb, Sana’a, and Taiz governorates, and civilian perceptions of the parties to the conflict. It reflects civilians’ needs and expectations in terms of protection and assistance to rebuild their lives and communities, gaps in training, and concerns about oversight of military and security forces.​

Recommendations on Civilian Protection Measures in Yemen
03 September 2015  |  Policy Brief

The increasing civilian death toll in Yemen, widespread damage to civilian homes and infrastructure, and growing displacement raise serious concerns about adherence to international humanitarian law (IHL) and the lack of precautions taken by parties to the conflict to protect civilians.

Testimony & Advocacy

Public Acknowledgement and Investigations of U.S. “Targeted Killings” and Drone Strikes 
13 May 2015  |  Joint Letter to President Obama

After the President Obama's administration publicly acknowledged and apologized for the deaths of two civilians—U.S. citizen Warren Weinstein and Italian citizen Giovanni Lo Porto—in a January 2015 strike in Pakistan, CIVIC urged for the adoption of the same approach to all other U.S. counterterrorism strikes in which civilians have been injured or killed—regardless of their nationalities.


Saudi Arabia Must Prioritize Civilian Protection in its Yemen Operations
26 April 2015
 |  Defense One  |  Sahr Muhammedally  |  Guest Post

Press Releases

US Must Urge Saudi-led Coalition to Adopt Civilian Protection Measures in Yemen  |  03 September 2015

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