Standing Tools and Policies on Civilian Harm Mitigation

CIVIC has long advocated for an institutionalized US government approach to civilian protection through the adoption of standing civilian protection and harm mitigation policies.  Standing policies would be readily available in any future conflict—ensuring civilian protection is a key concern in all planning and training. Tools and policies should include capabilities to track and analyze, conduct quick and thorough investigations of, and appropriately acknowledge and making amends for civilian harm.

CIVIC has urged the US government to appoint high-level advisors in the Pentagon to institutionalize lessons learned and best practices on civilian harm mitigation. These advisors could study development and deployment of new weapons and tactics designed to diminish civilian harm; ensure that proper civilian damage estimates are conducted in targeting; ensure that investigations are conducted after military operations; analyze data so that tactics can continue to improve; maintain data on civilian casualties; and ensure efficient amends procedures are in place for unintentional civilian harm.