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Fending for Ourselves: The Civilian Impact of Mali’s Three-Year Conflict
11 May 2015  |  Research Report

This report presents a locally-informed narrative of the civilian impact of the ongoing conflict in northern Mali and puts forward policy recommendations to help address the desires and expectations that civilians have regarding security and protection issues. A heightened and more nuanced understanding of civilian perspectives will allow all concerned parties to improve protection measures while properly mitigating and responding to incidental harm that results from their operations in the North.

Operationalizing Civilian Protection in Mali
12 June 2013  |  Journal Article

This practice note, published  in Stability: International Journal of Security and Development, details an emerging best practice of civilian harm mitigation in armed conflict: namely, the creation of civilian casualty tracking, analysis and response processes by a warring party or peace operation force. It asserts that in Iraq, Afghanistan and soon Somalia, these processes to better understand civilian harm and address consequences have positively shaped mission tactics, training, and overall operations.

CIVIC Inputs to OCHA on Peacekeeping Mission to Mali 
25 March 2013  |  Policy Brief

Civilian harm is a risk in any military intervention, including peacekeeping operations, such as the one being considered for Mali. While a peacekeeping force has an obligation to abide by international law, it also has an interest in going beyond its legal responsibilities to proactively mitigate the impact of its operations on civilians. Modern military operations leave no doubt that effective mitigation of civilian harm is a fundamental requirement for mission success.


Testimony & Advocacy

Reclaiming the Protection of Civilians under International Humanitarian Law
23 May 2013  |  Floor Statement

Floor Statement from Sarah Holewinski, CIVIC's Executice Director, at panel hosted by the Government of Norway. 

Remarks at AFRICOM Academic Symposium
23 June 2014  |  Floor Statement

Floor Statement from Marla B. Keenan, CIVIC's Managing Director and Military Engagement Director, at AFRICOM's 6th academic symposium "Perspectives and Partners on Popultion-Centric Security Sector Transformation."



In Mali, Looting Steals Prospects for Peace
11 June 2013
 |  Michael Shaikh  |  Opinion


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