Democratic Republic of Congo

In authorizing an offensive mandate for MONUSCO, UNSC Resolution 2098 created the Force Intervention Brigade (FIB), which is specifically equipped for “targeted offensive operations” with the responsibility of “neutralizing armed groups and of contributing to reducing the threat posed by armed groups to state authority and civilian security in eastern DRC.” In 2013, CIVIC helped to ensure the inclusion of key language in this mandate, which calls on the FIB and all other brigades to “mitigate the risk to civilians before, during, and after any military operation.”

Since 2013, CIVIC has closely tracked the conflict in DRC.  Our work focuses on advocating for enhanced protection measures to support the robust mandate and offensive operations of the UN (MONUSCO) against armed groups in the east.

In February 2015, CIVIC conducted a rapid in-country assessment of MONUSCO’s civilian protection and harm mitigation policies, practices, and tools and also conducted interviews with civilians, Congolese armed forces, local and international NGOs, and several foreign embassies in order to better understand current POC mechanisms, coordination, and challenges.

Looking forward, we will deepen our work with all parties to the conflict and continue to advocate for stronger civilian protection and harm mitigation policies and practices.

DRC Publications

From Mandate to Mission: Mitigating Civilian Harm in UN Peacekeeping Operations in the DRC | 17 January 2017 

Civilian Harm Persists Despite Robust UN Mandate in Eastern DRC  |  21 January 2015

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