At Center for Civilians in Conflict (CIVIC), our team is focused on helping civilians caught in the midst of armed conflict. We work directly with people who have the power to transform the planning, conduct, and aftermath of conflicts for civilians—from military officials and policymakers to UN bodies and civilians themselves. Our staff is found in places like Syria, Somalia, and Afghanistan, with our headquarters in Washington, DC. Learn more about our history and our founder, Marla Ruzicka, here.

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Latest News

The Toll of Russian Air Strikes on Kafr Nboudha

Atlantic Council, Syria Source

By Natasha Hall, MENA Program Officer

Since their start at the end of September 2015, Russian air strikes have displaced over a quarter million... News Article | Posted 12 Jan 2016

Syrians Under Fire: The Islamic State group is far from the only threat that Syrian civilians face

US News & World Report

By Natasha Hall, Program Officer for Middle East & North Africa

In last week's Republican presidential debate, we heard all about saturation... News Article | Posted 22 Dec 2015

Commentary: Protection, Peacekeeping, and the Individualization of War

On December 3-4 2015, the European University Institute and the Global Policy Initiative of Columbia University convened a workshop of around thirty scholars, practitioners, and high-level UN officials to discuss ... Blog Post | Posted 17 Dec 2015

Lessons From Kunduz: The Next Steps in Preventing Civilian Casualties

By Federico Borello and Christina Asquith

U.S. President Barack Obama's apology for the horrific U.S. airstrikes in Kunduz, Afghanistan was an important and... News Article | Posted 14 Oct 2015

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