At Center for Civilians in Conflict (CIVIC), our team is focused on helping civilians caught in the midst of armed conflict. We work directly with people who have the power to transform the planning, conduct, and aftermath of conflicts for civilians—from military officials and policymakers to UN bodies and civilians themselves. Our staff is found in places like Syria, Nigeria, South Sudan, and Afghanistan, with our headquarters in Washington, DC. Learn more about our vision here.

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Latest News

An Open Letter to UNSC: Immediate South Sudan Arms Embargo Needed

South Sudan's Transitional Government of National Unity, led by President Salva Kiir and First Vice President Machar, is failing to uphold its responsibility to protect their people... Press Release | Posted 21 Jul 2016

CIVIC ‘Very Concerned’ Over Allegations of US Killing Civilians in Syria

Marla Keenan, Director of Programs for Center for Civilians in Conflict (CIVIC), said:

“As the war against ISIS continues, Syrian civilians once again seem to be... Press Release | Posted 20 Jul 2016

Obama’s Executive Order on Civilian Protection: A Timeline

By Ananya Vidyarthi

It took a decade of advocacy and practical progress on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan to get to President Obama’s executive... Blog Post | Posted 14 Jul 2016

Expanding CIVIC’s Impact in Africa

By Kyle Dietrich, Center for Civilians in Conflict

Since mid-2015, CIVIC’s Africa program has grown from one person in Washington to five... Blog Post | Posted 12 Jul 2016

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